Drive Up Agreement

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Drive Up (“The Management Company”)                            (“Owner”)                                         



Dear Owner:


Drive Up understands that Owner is interested in having certain of its vehicles listed on the Services (as defined in the Turo Terms of Service available at (“Terms”) for the purpose of car-share. Owner hereby authorises Drive Up to list these vehicles on its behalf. Both Owner and Drive Up are bound by the Terms and any additional obligations outlined in this letter agreement (“Agreement”).


Owner authorises Drive Up to list the following vehicles on the Services:

[list of vehicles]


(collectively, “Vehicles”).


Owner represents that each of the Vehicles meets the Eligibility Requirements described here: Each of the Vehicles will be legally registered in the United Kingdom and covered by an auto liability insurance policy and a parking permit. Owner is not subject to the terms of any contract or other agreement that would interfere with Owner’s authorisation of Host and nothing prohibits Owner from legally sharing any of the Vehicles on the Services. Through the registration process on the Drive Up website the owner will select either the “75 Plan” or “65 Plan” described here: as the protection plan at its own discretion and responsibility.


Drive Up is responsible for the following with respect to each of the Vehicles:

  • Creating and managing the listing, including pricing and selecting a protection plan

  • Managing the availability calendar

  • Cleanliness and readiness for sharing

  • Key exchange, or contactless entry (if applicable)

  • Check in and check out, including clear and concise documentation of the vehicle pre and post trip

  • Reporting damage claims




On a monthly basis, Drive Up will provide Owner via mail a report outlining the following:

  • Completed trips

  • Upcoming booked earnings

  • Earnings paid by Turo to Drive Up

  • Amount Drive Up will pay Owner

  • Incidentals


Vehicle maintenance. Drive Up and Owner understand and agree to the following:

  • Drive Up will be responsible that the vehicles are clean, safe for driving and in good condition, and will manage all necessary maintenance though its network of garages unless the Owner prefers to use its own garage.

  • Maintenance cost will be at the charge of Owner, including servicing, tyres, brakes, etc.

  • The Owner or Drive Up will provide proof of service completion with a copy of the original garage receipt to the other party.

Additional obligations.

  • Owner will remain the legal owner/keeper of the vehicles and will be responsible for providing vehicles clean and in good condition that meet Turo’s eligibility requirements

  • Owner will be responsible to ensure the vehicles are covered with a motor insurance policy for when not being shared as well as a valid parking permit.

  • Owner will provide the details and any legal documents to Drive Up to enable Drive Up to be legally allowed to create and fully manage the Turo account for the purpose of car-share.

  • Owner will provide the relevant documents and details related to the vehicles, in order for Drive Up to provide the services described in this Agreement.

  • Owner agrees to 1 month minimum contract terms plus 1 month notice period is required to end this agreement.

  • Owner agrees to provide the vehicle with a Dash Cam & GPS device installed in good working conditions OR pay a £6/month GPS rental subscription AND/OR £8/month Dash Cam rental subscription to be taken out of monthly owners earnings or OPT OUT at its own risk and responsibility.

  • Owner agrees to return the rented equipment in good working order. If damaged by the Owner, Drive Up will take out of the Owners earnings a one off £99 fee unless the Owner can prove that was not responsible.

  • Owner agrees that the car is located under a valid parking permit in one of the following London postcodes: SW1, SW3, SW5, SW7, SW10, W1, W2, W8, W9, W10, W11, W14, WC1, WC2, NW1, NW8.

  • Owner agrees to have the vehicle available for rentals at least 75% of the time including a minimum of 3 weekends per calendar month and contact his Account Manager at at least 24 hours prior to blocking calendar availability for the Owner. If a trip is already booked on the vehicle the trip cannot be cancelled except for urgent/important proven circumstances to be assessed by the Drive Up team on a case by case basis.

  • Owner will provide 1 copy of the car key to Drive Up to be posted securely to our head office Flat 4, 16 Hatherley Grove W2 5RB while staying in possession of another copy out of necessity OR arrange an In-person key exchange.

  • If we find that the vehicle does not meet the Turo eligibility criteria we will ask you to cover the costs to prepare the vehicle or have the vehicle removed from Drive Up fleet. Any postage costs to return the key are to be debited to the Owner.

  • Drive Up will act as an agent and shall not be held responsible for any damage to the vehicles operated outside of a reservation period on Turo. All costs related to repairing, servicing or maintaining the vehicles will be the Owner’s responsibility.

Drive Up will pay the Owner via the payment details provided on the Drive Up website at the time of registration based on the reporting above. Drive Up will pay Owner the total trip prices less the Turo fees (25 % for the 75 Plan or the 35% of total trip price for the 65 Plan) and Drive Up fleet management fee (20% of total trip price).


Notwithstanding anything to the contrary implied in this Agreement or the Terms, Drive Up is not responsible for ensuring the obligations between Turo and Owner are met. Turo and Owner are responsible for resolving any disputes that arise between them.


Nothing in this Agreement puts any additional obligations on Drive Up besides those outlined in the Terms.





Carlo Alberto Misceo

Company Director, UK




By signing below, Drive Up and Owner acknowledge and agree that they will meet their respective obligations outlined above:


Drive Up



Signature: _____________________


Name: ________________________


Date: _________________________





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